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Machinery Development Services Ltd was set up in 1992 primarily to design machines for the paper converting industry. Now an established Machine design company, MDS Ltd offers a substantial portfolio of bespoke machinery and machine upgrades.
Standard Unwinds offered include Centre Driven Unwinds, Surface Driven Unwinds and Braked Unwinds all with options for shaftless, auto side-lay, manual side-lay and tension control.
Rewind units with Semi-Auto Centre Rewind and conventional Centre Rewind come with options of Pneumatic Lay-on and Auto Reel Loading. Auto-Load Centre Rewind Turrets are available with Auto Flying Splice, Manual Splicing or 2 Stage Auto Splicing options. Twin Axis Surface Driven Unwind Turrets including Semi Auto Reel Loading, Surface Driven Arms, Dancer Tensioning and Safety interlocks along with Braked Unwind Turrets that feature Pneumatic Braking, Load Cell Tension Control and Motorised Side-Lay can be supplied for various processes such as film extrusion.
Machinery Development Services Ltd also produce a wide range of Slitting and Cutting solutions Such as Slit & Turn Unwinds with Dancer Tension Control, sheer slitting, air-float turning bars ideal for Napkin Manufacture and many other processes. Duplex Slitter Winders with Pneumatic lay on assemblies can be manufactured to specification along with a variety of twin cassette razor-slit stations for a variety of extrusion applications. Retrofit slitting packages are available for crush-cut, sheer-cut and flying knife options along with rotary cutters, bandknife and grinders
MDS Ltd has been producing high quality folders and embossing solutions for many years including complete Disposable Table Cover Making Lines and Napkin / Hand Wipe Folding Machines with a wide range of folding options for materials such as paper, non-woven fabrics and poly-tissue laminates. Embossing systems can be retro fitted to your existing lines or as part of a complete new system and include Steel-Steel Embossing with oil heating to produce such patterns as Damask or Diamond.